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2D Background Painter

Who Are We?

Braintreehouse is a studio of fun folks who make cheerful games and thoughtful art tools. The things we make are owned by everyone who works on them and are done so with care. Upon its launch, our first game, FMK: Twists of Fate, was immediately acquired by a major publisher. As we continue on our adventure to become the best place to create and play with others, there’s a perfect spot for you to grow with us. Your quest starts here.

Team Description

The Art Team is responsible for everything visual in our video games, board games, and card games--from concept sketches to final renders. Our artists work closely with game designers and developers, and we encourage venturing off into smaller mixed teams dedicated to specific projects.

Job Description

As a background artist, you will be given the freedom and tools to create beautiful environments for all of our games. Taking notes from the art director, writer, and game designer, you will build the colors, styles and moods of scenes. You would do well to have strong digital painting skills and an appreciation for the aesthetics of classic animation backgrounds. If you count Eyvind Earle, Mary Blair, Kazuo Oga, Art Lozzi, Kevin Dart, Sam Bosma, or Bill Wray among your inspirations, you will find yourself among friends at Braintreehouse.

  • Assist in the development of worlds by creating environmental layouts and digitally painted 2D backgrounds.
  • Provide iterations of concept art in various production stages including rough sketches, full-color concepts, and final painted environments.
  • Close collaboration with other teams.
  • Research gaming and animation art styles and trends.
  • All other challenges assigned by directors.
  • Strong understanding of employing light, shadow, color, form, and composition to create beautiful backgrounds full of mood and atmosphere.
  • Strong knowledge of perspective.
  • Strong painting and illustration skills.
  • Ability to paint in classical animation styles.
  • Ability to understand art notes and adapt them to tasks with vivid imagination and creativity.
  • Knowledge of digital painting applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Procreate.
  • Tiny ego.
  • Sense of humor.
  • Full and part-time positions available.
  • Paid internships with opportunity for full or part-time employment also available.
Benefits and Perks for Full-Time Employees
  • 100% company paid individual medical and dental insurance premiums
  • 50% company paid toward spouse/dependent medical and dental insurance premiums
  • Market competitive compensation package
  • Profit sharing from product sales
  • Generous vacation policy
  • Daily catered lunch
  • Company sponsored workshops (art, technology and relevant gaming topics)

Thanks for considering us!

At this time we are not hiring for this position, but you are welcome to check back in the future!